Luxury cave experience with Kelebek cave hotel

Kelebek Cave hotel is truly a boutique hotel in Goreme. It gives guests a luxury hotel experience in Cappadocia.

Kelebek cave hotel is located on one of highest hills of Goreme town in Cappadocia. While you are sitting in the hotel lobby, you will have 360 degrees view of Goreme. The hotel pool is located on the top of the hill. When you are swimming on a very hot summer day by the Kelebek Cave Hotel pool, You can also enjoy the incredible view of Goreme.

Once upon a time, Kelebek hotel was an old Goreme house with many cave rooms. Even some of the rooms were used to be an old church. When Goreme become a very popular tourist stop, the owner decided to change his house to a small and traditionally design backpackers hotel in Cappadocia. Kelebek cave hotel is one of the oldest tourists accommodation in Goreme.

Kelebek has it all, Budget hotel, the boutique hotel even luxury hotel in Cappadocia

Nowadays the hotel has grown into a boutique hotel in Goreme which has a mix of traditional and luxury suites. From budget cave rooms to luxury suites in Cappadocia Kelebek hotel has it all. You can even sleep in a traditional design fairy chimney room, while you stay in this special cave hotel in Goreme, relax and enjoy life, explore all that Cappadocia.

One of the most remarkable things you can get from the hotel is the breathtaking views during the sunrise when hundreds of hot air balloons hovering over the hotel in Goreme. With the friendly and welcoming staff, the hotel offers you many exciting things. Central location and a great restaurant, clean comfortable rooms, spectacular breakfast and Turkish food over the view of Goreme. That is not all, refreshing outdoor swimming pool, luxury spa Hamam and a restaurant serving traditional local menus makes this place one of the best boutique cave hotels in Goreme Cappadocia/ Kapadokya

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