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All we ask ourselves, How to get to Istanbul?  Is it safe to travel to Istanbul? What is Istanbul travel tips?

Istanbul is a standout amongst the most imperative urban communities in the Orient, celebrated for the two its chronicled landmarks and pleasant scenes. It is situated on two mainlands, Europe and Asia, isolated by Bosporus Strait. It’s exceptionally open even by foot, with numerous attractions and points of interest to investigate and with scrumptious nearby cooking. This guide records top attractions to visit for your first time in Istanbul. My Istanbul travel tips will help you to see the city like locals.

Is it safe to travel to Istanbul Turkey?

We’re just human, so I can comprehend uncertainty about safety and concern about being caught up in a terrorist attack. I would be on the off chance that I was in your shoes. Be that as it may, having just been there, I know in my heart that there’s nothing to fear about Istanbul. In case you’re one of those voyagers who’s perched going back and forth about going to Turkey, at that point I trust this movement manage helps influence you the correct way.

Istanbul Travel Tips

  • Attempt Turkish food and both Turkish style coffee and tea. Attempt to discover the eateries where local people eat.
  • Wear agreeable shoes, as you are probably going to complete a considerable measure of strolling and the city has numerous inclines.
  • In mosques ladies must cover their heads, so make certain to have a headscarf with you. Likewise, take proper apparel, as you should dress unassumingly in the mosques (no shorts permitted).
  • You can purchase an exhibition hall pass substantial for 3 or 5 days. Check the correct conditions (google) to choose on the off chance that it suits you and know that it does exclude transportation.
  • Transportation: Istanbulkart is an electronic refillable wallet (it can pay for a few travellers). The cost is 10TL, yet 4TL is usable as credit. It has rebates for exchanges.
  • On the off chance that you arrive at Atatürk airport, you can take the metro to Aksaray or Yusufpaşa, where you change to Sultanahmet.
  • Istanbul travel tips
    Istanbul travel tips


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