Is it safe to visit Turkey

Is it safe to visit Turkey? is Istanbul safe to travel?

Before going to turkey, most of the travelers are searching for travel warnings in Turkey and they wonder Is it safe to visit Turkey? Before you ask yourself Is it safe to visit Turkey? there are a few things you should know about Turkey.

Is it safe to visit Turkey? We can answer this question briefly; yes, it is safe to travel to Turkey. For example, the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul is one of the safest cities in comparison with the world’s most important centres. According to 2017 data, the number of terrorist events in Istanbul is zero. In 2017, there were unfortunate terrorist attacks in Western cities like London, Brussels, Barcelona, Nice, and Berlin. But millions of visitors are still visiting these cities each year. So, in this sense Turkey is not very different from the western countries and why does your unrealistic fears prevent you visiting this wonderful country? Please, make yourself think about this fact, while you make your travel plans to Turkey.

What is reflected by governments mostly do not tell the truth and also mislead people. Countries may not agree well with each other from time to time. Why do diplomatic problems among governments prevent people from visiting other countries? If you do not like the president or the administration of the country, would you change your mind to visit the cities like New York or Paris? Although Turkey has diplomatic problems with some countries, people tend to visit Turkey for decades and memories of beautiful human relationships they have established in this lovely country remain in their minds.

Turkey is a natural bridge between East and West.

There can always be negative events everywhere. But Turkey is experiencing those events minimally. Actually, Turkey is a country, where the number of terrorist acts and the level of crimes are very low. Additionally, Turkish people are hospitable and well-intentioned. The comfort of guests in the country is always the priority. In fact, as a middle east country, Turkey is a natural bridge between East and West geographically and also culturally. The nature and history of the country make Turkey a paradise for the tourists. Turkey is one of the sole countries, in which people from many backgrounds can live comfortably in peace for long years. Finally, we can say that the eastern and southern borders having a unique historical texture and cultural centres also deserve to be visited, and these regions are as safe as western regions, which are more familiar to tourists. My answer for Is it safe to visit Turkey? I say absolutely YES.


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