Goreme restaurants

Goreme restaurants, What to eat in Cappadocia?

 Let’s try some Turkish meze and Turkish cuisine in Pumpkin. What about eating local Pottery kebab at Dibek restaurant? You must see Nostalji Restaurant for yummy traditional Turkish home cook.

Pumpkin Goreme Restaurant

Pumpkin Restaurant is a wonderful place with delicious food. You will find excellent Turkish food and hospitality. Food cooked here with fresh local products. The chef goes to the local market himself every morning to buy the freshest fruits and vegetables direct from local farmers. Pumpkin is a cozy restaurant in Goreme run by a family. The restaurant decorated traditional Turkish style in a one of many Cappadocia cave. The food menu changes regularly in Pumpkin. Because the place is very popular, It is hard to get a table. You must book your table before you plan your night. This place is one of my favorite in Goreme restaurants.

Pumpkin Goreme Restaurant has fix menu with fix prices

vegetarian menu: 70 lira

menu with SMALL meze plate: 80 lira

menu with REGULAR meze plate: 90 lira

Dibek restaurant Goreme Cappadocia

The building originally was stable and storage room. After restoration and redecoration, Dibek restaurant starts to serve traditional Turkish style home cooked food. While guest tasting local traditional dishes also can drink locally made wine in Dibek. Must try Pottery kebab, manti and traditional Turkish desserts in this restaurant.

Pottery Kebab* (With Meat or Chicken or Mushrooms (* It is prepared upon reservation) Kebab with tomato, pepper, eggplant, potato, garlic cooked in the pot and served with rice

Aside: Traditional village dessert of Göreme made with flour, oil, and pekmez (grape molasses)

Nostalji Restaurant in Goreme Cappadocia

Nostalji is one of the best restaurants in Goreme Cappadocia. You can have tasty local food with an amazing view. if you like to try traditional Turkish food, Nostalji offers a nice selection of Turkish home food. Friendly staff, decoration, fresh food and a great view make this place remarkable. While you are in Turkey you must try many of delicious Turkish food and right here in Cappadocia we serve many local Turkish foods at many of Goreme restaurants.

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