Cappadocia Turkey is a mesmerizing experience

Cappadocia Turkey is straight out of a fairytale with unique fairy chimneys. What to do in Cappadocia Turkey? My fairytale experience in Cappadocia Turkey

Cappadocia Turkey is a mesmerizing location in central Turkey, which is known for its supremely distinct landscape. The views are no less than straight out of a fairytale with unique fairy chimneys all around which are a tall, cone-shaped, rock formation and are a sight to behold. While the entire city of Cappadocia is a mesmerizing experience, but there are some places that are a must visit for anyone making a visit to Cappadocia in Turkey.

The enchanting town of Goreme

Goreme is a historic town also known as a “cave town” in Cappadocia Turkey which is a major tourist attraction. The locals can be found living in caves carved out of rocks here. For an authentic local experience, there are hundreds of hotels located inside caves and people can choose to stay in these unique places without spending a hefty amount.

A visit to Goreme National ParkOpen Air Museum and sightseeing around the Goreme are the usual tourist activities. The traditional Turkish cuisine is a must try at the restaurants in Goreme serving lip-smacking food. For a relaxing experience in true Turkish style, one must spend a few hours at the traditional Turkish Baths also known as “Hammams”.

Underground town of Derinkuyu

Derinkuyu is one of the 100 underground towns in Cappadocia Turkey. It is one of the ancient towns with tunnels and narrow pathways leading to numerous halls. The mysterious town is flanked by visitors regularly who are usually accompanied by a local guide. If one is not too fond of visiting closed and narrow spaces, they might as well avoid the underground experience and instead spend some time at the Hakki Atamutlu Kultur Park here. It is a beautiful place with a huge monument and children can be seen enjoying around. Another special attraction is the St. Theodore Church, which is a historical site in Derinkuyu and is known for its splendid architectural marvel. It is regularly visited by tourists and locals alike.

10 things must do to in Cappadocia Turkey

Hiking in Rose Valley, Love Valley, Pigeon Valley.

Visit Goreme Open Air Museum.

Stay in a Boutique cave hotel in Goreme.

Explore many types of Fairy chimneys around Goreme.

Watch sunrise and sunset in Cappadocia Turkey.

Hot air ballooning in Goreme

Try Testi kebap (Pottery kebap) in Cappadocia Turkey

Find the best foto location in Cappadocia Turkey

Try Turkish Hamam

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