Cappadocia Balloon ride

Cappadocia balloon ride over the Fairy chimneys

Cappadocia balloon ride. I was most thrilled because this was my first hot air balloon ride. An approximately an hour ride, floating in a sea of colorful balloons as the sun rose in the sky was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced! The views were breathtaking and constantly changed as we drifted through the different areas. Seriously, hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia was truly a once in a lifetime experience!

Cappadocia balloon ride is a wonderful way to appreciate bizarre landscape of Cappadocia from above. The most exciting balloon ride anywhere in the world is here in Cappadocia. Morning rush starts before sunrise

But this time well worth it. The day starts very early in Cappadocia anyway. Free service picks up to go on a desolated field, that’s become a

hive of activity. Nearly every morning, the scene’s the same. As noisy burners are fired up and balloons filled. Once you are in the basket you will meet your captain. He always excited as his first-day balloon flight.

The highlight of Cappadocia balloon ride

With the sound of a fire-breathing dragon, you skim the grass and slowly lift off. While scary for some, the feeling I get is one of graceful stability, with majestic views. The terrain blove is a forest of pinnacles, honeycombed with ancient dwellings, which we will visit later on. All the caves and fairy chimneys you discover on the ground totally look different from up. Also seen soo many balloons in the sky. Around, under and above you, which itself amazing things to see. It is almost not real, it is like fairytale painting came to life right before I arrive.

Except take off and landing you don’t feel movement because you move with the air currents you don’t just feel the wind but i have to say your stomach does start to do little bite flips higher you go. I think we all felt it. The balloon drivers, they like to show off a bite and they like to get extremely close to the ground and rocks formations around us. Your balloon driver will blow you away when he is landing balloon directly on a back of a track. The whole thing was kind of more than amazing. it was a total highlight of Cappadocia. It was worth to get up too early and pay the too expensive price tag. You will never forget flying over Cappadocia like a bird.

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