Avanos Cappadocia, pottery center of Cappadocia, pottery class in Avanos

Avanos Cappadocia, pottery center of Cappadocia, Turkey. The town located next to one of the biggest river. What makes Avanos very popular in turkey? Pottery workshop and pottery class in Avanos Cappadocia, Turkey

Avanos is a town in the district Nevsehir Province, located in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. It is a bustling town situated beside the river Kızılırmak. The older part of the town includes the hillside which is majorly characterized by the maze of cobblestone roads alongside the worn out Ottoman mansions. Apart from the breathtaking views around the city, pottery is the main attraction of Avanos Cappadocia.

The town has an elaborate and distinguished history in pottery which goes to way back in the Hittite period. Presently, the local artisans use the unique red clay from the Kızılırmak River for making of their crafts. One can find the potter workshops and shops alongside the main road in the center of the town, besides the river. Most potters are quite friendly and will let you watch them making pottery. Some might even allow you to try a hand at making a pot yourself.

What to do in Avanos Cappadocia, Turkey

• Enjoy the local cuisines serving on locally crafted servings

• Visit the Guray Seramic museum to look at the look at the nicely displayed artifacts

• Do not hesitate to drop by Bizim Ev to enjoy some sweet wine and the turkey’s famous trout

• Stop by the Chez Galip Hair Museum to look at the female tourists’ hair left there during their visit. You can also leave yours to make the memory for others in Avanos Cappadocia

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