An Unforgettable experience in Cappadocia

Marhaba and my Salaam to everyone. I am Hussain Anis from Karachi, Pakistan and I study economics in a business school. Well, I decided not to hold my curiosity any longer, instead to just write it down. I heard allot about Cappadocia, from my friends, through different magazines, on televisions etc., and then one evening when I was trying to make a decision of where I should escape to on my upcoming summers I recalled those beautiful valleys and all those incredible rocks that I saw in magazines and on different TV channels, I decided to visit Cappadocia would be good choice.

I waited no longer after having my visa and flew to these beautiful valleys and cone-shaped rocks, and believe me it was simply an eye-opener😮, it was nothing less than a bombshell, never before my eyes witnessed such astonishing sights. Well, it was a three-day trip and I stayed at Ali’s guest house, which was actually a cave house. It was super comforting and super cheap, the people over there were very humble and welcoming.

Cappadocia caves and Hot Air Balloons over the breathtaking scenario

You will find places over there mostly in the form of caves, whether it be a house, a restaurant, or any shop. Hot Air Balloons had to be my first target without any confusion. I had to get up early in the morning at around 4 AM, though it has never been comforting enough for me to get up so early😜😂 but believe me guys it was totally worth it, from hot air balloon ride to the breathtaking scenario of all the balloons in the sky, it was simply mind-boggling, not mind blowing but mind-boggling.

Traditional costumes of various regions of Turkey

Next thing was the ATV Sunset Tour, it was totally amazing and adventurous and it was the most perfect time at which I had it, cause you see the sun settling down from the highest point of the rock and it is so pretty and beautiful that it truly takes away your breath😍, though the routes were challenging but that is what makes it so adventurous. Finally the Turkish night, this nightcalls attention to the dance traditions with traditional costumes of various regions of Turkey, and of course thrilling belly dancers. I didn’t have any night more epic than this.

This was the most remarkable journey of my life, an unforgettable experience in Cappadocia Turkey, from spectacular places to amazing Turkish foods like lahmacun, delicious kebabskofte etc😋. I believe that visiting this heaven on earth place was not just a good decision but it was an extremely outstanding one and I would suggest you guys to make such outstanding decisions in your life and visit Cappadocia too.

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