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I’m going to show you 7 things must try while you are in Capadocia. Cappadocia located centre of Turkey. it’s most famous for spectacles landscape and fairy chimneys. Fairy chimney is mushroom shaped Rocks.  Nowadays there are thousands of cave churches, temples, old houses you can explorer in Cappadocia.

Goreme Capadocia
Goreme Capadocia

1 Take a Hot Air Balloon ride in Capadocia over the Gorgeous scenery. floating above the honeycomb scenery is like coming in landing on the moon ride. Hot air balloon ride in Capadocia goes generally about 1 hour and just begin Before Sunrise.

2 Go horse riding in Capadocia in the land of beautiful horses.  riding  beautiful horses around unique Cappadocian land will be an Unforgettable experience

3 Ride over sand dunes on the ATV tour. This Journal filled with the adventure this is definitely for thriller seekers I had so much fun on this tour. Drive past towering fairy chimneys, through valleys and the giant sand dune to explore many rock formations in Capadocia.

4 Take on one of many hiking trails people travel to the Capadocia all over the world to do some of the five stars hiking trails. all hiking trails are free and easy to access for everybody. Hiking takes a couple of hours to all day in Capadocia. You can easily start from Goreme to walk many valleys.

5 Stay in a cave hotel. Staying in a cave Hotel absolutely must when you travel to Cappadocia. Hundreds of old cave houses turn to the hotels. there are many different style cave hotel to choose.

6 Goreme Open Air Museum. There are a bunch of different churches. Many of this churches have a lot of drawing from Bible. Going Museum it takes an easy 15 minutes to walk from Goreme town center. This place is one of must-see destination for tourists.Goreme open air museum Cappadocia

7 Visit an underground city. There are hundreds of historical underground cities over the Capadocia. These ancient underground cities made for hiding. All of the underground cities have living rooms, hiding places, stables, churches and for storing foods wine and Water to live. one of my favorite underground cities is Derinkuyu. this is a deepest underground city in Cappadocia. it has eight levels and goes  80 meters to the underground.

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