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How was Cappadocia formed, Where is Cappadocia Turkey

If you interest all Cappadocia information, where is Cappadocia? How to go to Cappadocia Turkey? What to see in Cappadocia? How was Cappadocia formed?

Cappadocia fairy chimneys Cappadocia, which meant in ancient Persian “The land of beautiful horses”, is a magical place with many attractions. How occurred Cappadocia Turkey?  The area is a well-liked tourist location, as it’s lots of areas with distinctive geological, historic, & cultural features. If you like more How was Cappadocia formed? Please read all my article.


How was Cappadocia formed?

Cappadocia was formed when millions of years ago erupting volcanoes blanketed it with ash. The ash solidified into a material called tuff which, over many years, was worn away to create strange formations, including the fairy chimneys around Cappadocia. Some of the fairy chimneys are 100m high. The softness of the stuff made it easy for people to dig outhouses. In some places, whole cities were built underground and included stables, well, ventilation systems and storage rooms, cave churches, chapels and monasteries. Be that as it may, Cappadocia has dependably been a great deal more than its emotional landscape. People, as well, have left their exceptional imprint on the area.

What to see in Cappadocia?

Spent a couple of days at the geological wonderland of Cappadocia Turkey with its magical fairy chimneys, cave houses, underground cities and pigeon houses…it is like being transported back to the Stone Ages…to a place the Flinstones would call home! It is a place, unlike anything, you have ever seen before…and the highlight is the hot air balloon ride during sunrise…

How to get to Cappadocia?

To get to Cappadocia with a plane from Istanbul, You have two options, either you can go to Kayseri or Nevsehir. When you buy a flight ticket, you must search both City to get the best price from Istanbul to Cappadocia. Before your arrival at the airport, ask your hotel for a shuttle from the airport. They may tell you the best way. If you like to know more How was Cappadocia formed? before you come to Turkey, You must read my other articles about the region.

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