Cappadocia in winter

How is Cappadocia in winter? Things to do at Cappadocia in winter

How is  Cappadocia in winter? Can you do winter Balloon ride?

How is Cappadocia in winterFor all those winter holidays lovers, winter time when the snow starts falling down, all the Fairy chimneys decorated with snow. Snow and the white carpets all around make the atmosphere complete. When you were children and excited about the coming of the New Year’s eve, Now Cappadocia is bringing you back into your childhood. Having holiday in Cappadocia winter time brings your all childhood dream back. Snowdrops on Fairy chimneys, caves and rock formation in Cappadocia, it creates a dreamy winter light. After the snow, all those unique magical landscapes turn a fairytale scenery to create the best picture to take.

What to do at Cappadocia in winter?

Stay in a Warm Cave Hotel in GoremeGoreme is a small town which builds between fairy chimneys. (mushroom shape rock formation) Many of historical cave houses have been used as a cave hotel. Drinking a glass of wine in your cave room, you will travel in time to feel like the Flintstones.

2  Enjoy to scenery with white carpet: Winter can be cold and snowy but many winter days also very sunny. with the sunrise,  snow and amazing landscape together give you many beautiful photoshoots.

Take a Tour to see many top Cappadocia top attractions: Cappadocia is a very big region and has many different landscapes. I assume you stay in Cappadocia limited time so one of the best ways to see Cappadocia in the winter. You can choose one of many daily Cappadocia tour in the winter.

Walk many of Valley of Cappadocia: Cappadocia has many walking trails, any time of year walking in Cappadocia is an unforgettable experience. When you walk between rock formations and old caves you will discover many churches, monasteries and old dwellings in the valley of Cappadocia.

Meet Local people and other tourists: Cappadocia isn’t very busy in the winter. You will have more chance to meet local people. Take a chance and spent more time with locals and learn bit Turkis tradition.

Take a winter balloon rideHot air ballooning, One of the best things you can do at  Cappadocia in winter. You can capture many unique winter picture while you are in a balloon.

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